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Vision & Mission
  • Vision: To continue succeeding in markets, and make a standard in the market by delivering specialty Anti Malarial, Anti Biotic, Cardio Diabetics, Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs, etc., at nominal rates. And, to become a premier name by the year 2020.
  • Mission: Continue to promote wellness among all the human beings.

Our Values

To always work toward achieving more, and become better than before at being a company that values its customers and employees. What we are, and what we become, is because of how we behave with the entities which are related to us. So we make sure to nurture our relations, value them, and become something that no company can ever beat.

Quality Policy

Since the day we started our works, we have always emphasized on maintaining highest standards in the markets. We control quality of every work we undertake, and assure to adhere to self enunciated SOPs (Standard operating Procedures), so that we maintain efficiency and execute works in a hazard-free environment. The quality policy of our company circles around monitoring the works. Consequently, every work of personnel and the manufacturing processes of our Anti Biotic, Anti Malarial, Cardio Diabetics, Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs and every other pharmaceutical we offer.

We continuously enhance our capabilities and adapt to every change so that we proudly state about the company's ability.

The personnel working with us have only one objective in their mind, which is to always remain committed to achieve greatness in the markets, and assist in setting new quality standards.

And the main focus of our company is to maintain an environment in which every employee contributes towards the betterment of company, and they must always strive for becoming the best.

Every logo of our company has our slogan- "Skymax for quality". This three word statement has made our company earn recognition of millions worldwide. We have appointed a separate quality management division that shadows and monitors every work we do, and is accountable for the perfect reports of our TQM (Total Quality Management) system.

Third Party Manufacturing

We are backed by a team that excels at its work, by utilizing the modern technologies that we make available. Knowing our capability of always impressing the customers, we undertake Third party manufacturing works, and serve specifically to the needs of customers. We rely on communication and our ability to impress clients by customizing our products according to their needs. 

Sales and Marketing

Our vast sales and marketing network has made us a firm that customers can blindly rely on for availing the best quality products. Our marketing set ups are maintained in Gujarat, Odisha, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, and in several other states.

Our efficiency of sales is dependent on the way we distribute. Therefore, we make sure that the distributing entities of our company are highly reliable C & F Agents, Stockiest & Retailers.

A sincere team is employed by us to promote our offerings in markets nationwide, so that we continue to achieve greatly in the markets. The information which is transmitted from our young enthusiast, help us in setting up strategies and policies to get the best outcome. 

We are a unique company in this industry, that works with strong strategies, follows an ethical approach and ensures to always remain a step ahead than competitive entities.